Introduction to Calgary

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On Tuesday, I drove from Kelowna to Calgary, again through mountains, quite obviously. I really enjoyed my drive through the Rockies, since the weather was nice through much of it and I wasn’t as scared of driving in the mountains anymore.

While looking for a gas station, I accidentally took a scenic detour to the waterfront in Sicamous, BC. I was told that this is the houseboating capital of the world, but I didn’t see any houseboats yet…perhaps a bit early in the summer for it, since it was fairly chilly when I got out of the car for a few quick photo ops. I also pulled over for photos at Three Valley Lake, west of Revelstoke, BC, near the “ghost town.” I didn’t stop there, as it looked like a cheesy tourist trap, but I did turn around in their parking lot so I could go back to the scenic lookout. Next stop was at the top of Rogers Pass in Glacier National Park, 1330 metres above sea level! The weather was perfect up there, so my photos turned out fantastically well; I can’t wait to post them!

By the time I got to Field, BC, near the Alberta border, the perfect weather had turned to drizzle, but it still wasn’t too bad. I went in and out of mist through the Alberta Rockies and the valley west of Calgary, but I made it to Calgary before it really started raining too much and got settled at Erin & Kyle’s place. Erin had a ballet class, so I drove her and she gave me a brief tour of Calgary on the way, and then I headed downtown to walk around and take some photos. Even though it was about 9 on a weeknight and downtown was pretty quiet, I really liked the city. It’s hard to explain, but something about it just felt familiar. I suppose I always feel most at home in big cities. Vancouver is wonderful, but it’s not possible to get lost downtown. No matter where you look, you’re always reminded that you’re in Vancouver. With Calgary, though, for a few seconds, it was easy to forget where I was. I could have been in any city. I could have been at home. So far, it’s been the only place that has felt like that to me, so I liked it.

Even if the Calgary “Tower” is shorter than some of the surrounding office buildings.

I had a stroke of luck when I made my way back to the neighbourhood where Erin was taking her ballet class. I had a few minutes before I was due to pick her up, and I drove past a big hill. I wasn’t sure what kind of view I would get from it, but I parked my car around the corner and hiked up it. I was treated to a fabulous dusky view of the entire skyline. What a great photographic moment!


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