Mel of Green Gables

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Day 2 on Prince Edward Island was a busy one. Jules, Christina, and I carved out a game plan while we got ready in the hotel: Cavendish first for Green Gables and Beavertails at the Boardwalk, then we’d drive to the northwest point, the southwest point, and then all the way across the island to the northeast point and we’d end the day on the squeaky sand beach in Souris. We were going to see the whole island in a day. Here’s a spoiler: we didn’t quite make it. But we still had a great day that began at Green Gables.

For those who didn’t grow up with Anne like I did, Anne of Green Gables was what little girls read before Harry Potter. I think I was 9 when I saw the movies for the first time and started devouring the series shortly after. The end of the series didn’t hold my attention as well as the first book—I’m actually not positive I ever made it all the way through to the end of the 8th book—but I must have read the first book fifty times before I turned 15 or so. Anne and I had so much in common that it was easy to relate to her. She was a Canadian orphan who lived on a farm and wrote on slates at school and had long red hair that she wore in braids and the attention of a dashing boy named Gilbert Blythe. Okay…maybe we didn’t have any of that in common, but still, she was so relatable. And Jules and Christina grew up with Anne just like I did, so we were anxious to see Green Gables, the farm that inspired Lucy Maud Montgomery to write the book, now turned into a Parks Canada site.

It’s kind of hokey. I mean, the house is restored to resemble the “real” Green Gables as closely as possible. It’s like the entire island of Prince Edward has forgotten that Anne was a fictional character. But once you suspend that disbelief and buy into Anne’s world, Green Gables is a magical place.

O Canada
We visited on Canada Day, so admission was free! They also had cake (which we missed when we were in the house) and little flags and temporary maple leaf tattoos. Fun times! I’d take a visit to Green Gables over a summer festival on the water in Charlottetown any day, including Canada Day.

Me at Green Gables
The Green Gables house really is chock-full of green gables and here I am, super happy to be there!

Green Gables
Green Gables, detail

Christina milking a cow
One of the educational aspects of the site is the barn, which has demonstrations of what farming is like when Anne lived there. You know, if Anne had been real. So Christina stopped on the way out to milk a cow, rather patriotically.

Car Timer Photo
And post-Green Gables visit, we took our first timer photo in the car of the trip, a longstanding tradition with us. I like this timer photo particularly well because of the voluminous thing that my hair is doing.

Next up (spoiler alert): the Cavendish Boardwalk isn’t a real boardwalk, nor is it located on the water.


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