on the gaspé!

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When we left on day 3 of our road trip, we were finally in the Gaspésie region, which comprises all of the Gaspé peninsula. It’s a common vacation spot for québecois families, but less well-known in other parts of the continent. I know approximately zero people in Chicago who didn’t need a geography lesson when I told them that I was road tripping the Gaspé.

And I wouldn’t want that any other way. Because it’s pretty gorgeous and you never have to stand in line to see the deep blue sea!

Careful not to get eaten by any stray whales, though!

We took an opening self-po at our impromptu stop outside of Matane at the giant whale souvenir shop, and then got on the road! On the itinerary for day 3 was the drive from Matane to Percé, at the end of the peninsula. It’s about a 5-hour drive if you go straight through, but we knew that we would stop. We knew that we would stop a lot. Fortunately, we had awesome weather with a crazy blue sky…even better for the landscape shots!

We’d picked up the official Gaspésie guide for the summer, which has a detailed map. It’s a big help for the road trip, especially when towns get further apart. The map has icons to denote which towns have food, fuel, and public restrooms. Most of the towns are really, really small, so having this information ahead of time is essential.

The guide also helped a little with planning our stops, but most of our photo op stops originated from one of us going, “Ooo, pretty church!” or “Lighthouse ahead!”

This lovely church was one of our first stops, in Grosses-Roches. I loved the classic white church against the sky and the sea!

I mentioned before that we love anchors, so we were thrilled to see this scenic spot at Les Méchins.

This picturesque view was near Tourelle, I believe.

The cheery red lighthouse at La Martre was an awesome stop. It’s up on a hill over Route 132, and it has a great view.

The view at Cap Madeleine was pretty awesome, but better still was the playground next to the lighthouse.

There weren’t any kids around, so we didn’t feel too bad monopolizing the fun. There weren’t any adults around either, so we didn’t feel too embarrassed acting like kids!

We still had a ways to go before we got to Percé, but we were already smitten with La Gaspésie!


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