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Photo Post: Victoria

View from the ferry to Vancouver Island

Just before the ferry arrived at Swartz Bay

Little alcove off of Bastion Square

Victoria’s busy Inner Harbour

The Empress Hotel

One of the BC Parliament Buildings across the harbour

Interior of Munro’s Bookstore — I want to live here!

Not sure what building this is, but I loved the colour. Some scaffolding was up, so I had to get a little creative with the angle.

View of Bastion Square from Wharf Street

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Hostel Environment

After my first hostel stay, I can certainly understand why people pay for more pleasant accommodations when travelling. I’m low-maintenance traveller. My friends and I often squeeze five of us into a hotel room and for us, a king-sized bed is built for three people. But I learned this morning, as I tried unsuccessfully to fall back asleep between 4.30 and 6.45 am, that I am probably not built for multiple night stays in hostels. One night was fine, but I’m so relieved that I won’t be spending tonight on a rickety bunk bed, below someone who tosses and turns for an hour and then shakes the bed while she goes up and down the ladder six times in ten minutes!

It wasn’t all bad, though. The guys at the front desk who checked me in and out were friendly, the location was great (especially for the price), the bathrooms were cleaner than I expected, and I had a lovely chat with Anja, one of my roommates from Germany, who is spending four months travelling between Vancouver Island and Toronto. She was astounded that I was attempting to take on the whole country in just 30 days.

As I drove out of Victoria early this morning, I agreed with her—30 days is probably not the best timeframe for seeing all of Canada, but I’ll try to get as much out of my visit as I can. I really enjoyed spending yesterday afternoon and evening in Victoria and wished I could have stayed longer. The brightly-painted Victorian buildings were the perfect backdrop for strolls along streets dotted with shops, tourists, and sailors. Apparently, there was some sort of “Navies of the World” event going on this weekend, so there were sailors everywhere.

Since I was so limited on time in Victoria, I decided not to spend my entire stay inside the Royal BC Museum, although I was tempted. I love a good museum! Instead, I walked around, took photos, and tried to take in the flavour of the city. I did this by stopping for a strawberry ice cream soda, one of my favourite treats when I was younger, visiting the famous Roger’s Chocolates shop, and most importantly, getting lost for a bit inside of Munro’s Bookstore.

In Beauty Tips from Moose Jaw, Will Ferguson touts Munro’s as the greatest bookstore in the world. I suppose I haven’t seen as much of the world as Ferguson has (at least not yet!), but during my first five minutes inside of Munro’s, I knew he was right. The store is located inside an old bank building, and it has maintained a regal atmosphere. They might not have as large of a selection as the 3-story Borders up the street from where I work in Chicago, but I had plenty to browse to keep me occupied for about an hour. I could have stayed much longer, but I knew that I still needed to work down my to-do list of sights to see. I’m planning on being back in Victoria in January for the Canadian Figure Skating Championships, and I’m tempted to come a day early, just to spend more time at Munro’s.

Up next: my first photo post!

PS: credit for the title pun to Jules.

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