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Fortunately, the ferry trip back to Newfoundland was smooth sailing. No one puked, no one fell down and hit their head, and we even found it pleasant to stand outside on the back of the boat and watch for whales for a bit! Once we got the car out of overnight parking in Fortune, the absolute first thing we had to do was get iced coffee from THo’s, of course! And then we sped through the Newfoundland countryside and I just about fell in love.

I wished we could have stopped a million times. I wished that I wasn’t driving, so I could have at least joined Jules and Christina in taking photos from the car window, but my mom and I were the only drivers on the Newfoundland car, and it was my turn to drive. Every hill brought a new view that was so random and pastoral and wonderful. But we didn’t have time, because we were trying to get to Cape Spear before the light was completely gone.

It was a close call, and it was already dusk by the time we got there! In photog-speak, it was an ISO 800 kind of evening already. But we made it!

Cape Spear sign
I was in Victoria, BC on June 10, and on July 5, 26 days later, I stood on the easternmost point in North America at Cape Spear, outside of St. John’s, NL. What a trip! (And it wasn’t quite over yet!)

Cape Spear view 1
Although it was dusky and a bit foggy in the distance and a little misty, Cape Spear is actually quite a beautiful place. I hadn’t expected anything from the landscape, since its remarkability is really just due to its location.

Cape Spear view 2
So the geography nerd in me was happy to be on the easternmost point in North America and the photographer in me was happy to capture the last moments of light there.

Me jumping
Of course, the whole experience made me jump for joy!

Me and mom
I owe a great deal of the whole trip to my mom. She’s my life’s biggest sponsor. I’m grateful to her for getting behind this crazy dream of mine and I love her very much.

Christina, Jules, and me
And I also owe a ton to my road trip buddies, not just Jules and Christina (as pictured here), but also Chele, who took on the prairies and Ontario with me earlier in the trip. I am truly blessed with some of the most wonderful friends in the world.

Originally, the trip was going to end in St. John’s, but it was a lot cheaper to rent & return the car in the States, which is why I turned the last week of my itinerary into a giant loop. So although I made it all the way east, the trip wasn’t over yet! In fact, the Newfoundland part wasn’t even over yet, and this is a spoiler, but you should expect some puffins in the next post.


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