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We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful afternoon/evening in Halifax! Unfortunately, we didn’t get there early enough to go to the Maritime Museum, which was tops on Jules’ list, so we’ll just have to go back sometime. Aside from longer hours at the museum, though, I couldn’t have asked for more from the cheery seaside capital of Nova Scotia.

We parked at the waterfront and walked around for a while, hitting a few gift shops and checking out some tall ships, including the Acadia. We didn’t go on it, but a lot of people do—it’s one of Halifax’s top tourist attractions.

The water in the harbour was reflecting the bright blue sky, and I just couldn’t resist breaking out my polarizer for some really vivid sky shots.

St. Paul's & War Memorial
Jules and I joked that her whole participation on the trip revolved around photographing churches and war memorials. I love, love, love photographic churches and she’s keen on her war history, so this was pretty much true. Halifax made things extremely convenient for us: the Grand Parade, in the centre of downtown, is home to St. Paul’s Church and the war memorial.

Old Town Clock
From the Grand Parade, we walked uphill to the Old Town Clock, located at the bottom of Citadel Hill. It’s been one of Halifax’s most recognizable landmarks since 1803.

View from Citadel Hill
Citadel Hill is a bit of a steep climb, so we were happy to linger for a bit once we got to the top. We enjoyed some great views and took a lot of pictures.

Me on Citadel Hill
We also frolicked.

Girls on the Hill
Couldn’t ask for a better day or better friends!

Argyle Street
I loved the look of this block of Argyle Street, full of restaurants and pubs and colour.

St. Paul's at Dusk
My favourite shot of St. Paul’s Anglican Church. Blue sky plus a pretty light? Yes.

After wandering Halifax for a while and having an excellent dinner at the Wooden Monkey, we spotted someone carrying a Cow’s bag. We were determined to find it. This was before any of us had smartphones, so I tried looking it up on my GPS, but Lee didn’t come up with anything. So many text messages were sent, to multiple Michel(l)es, and they helped us locate the Cow’s in Halifax on the waterfront, further down from where we’d parked. So it was decided. We’d keep wandering downtown, take advantage of the remaining light, and then end our Halifax day with the world’s best ice cream.

Harbour at Sunset
Because of its location, we also got to end our Halifax day with this lovely sunset view!

Cow's Cones
Cow’s is known for the ice cream itself of course, but they also make a mean waffle cone.

I can’t write about Halifax without mentioning our fabulous host. Before my trip, I sent out an email to a bunch of Canadians, asking for help with planning the trip as well as with accommodations. I think I’ve mentioned before how floored I was by the responses that I got. Most of the Canadians that I know are from the skating community, and the skating community has always felt like a family. So Lynne & Leo were happy to help me out because, as Lynne said, they’d felt the generosity of the skating family before and were glad to give back whenever they had the chance.

As it turned out, Lynne was in Ottawa that day with her ice dancer daughter, so Leo—who I’d never even met—would play host for us. I felt a little awkward about the whole thing, like I was intruding, but from the second he opened the door, Leo made us feel at home. He had chocolate chip cookies (which I later learned are quite legendary) and offers for dinner, which we had to turn down since we were stuffed. Then he sat outside with us and asked us about the trip and shared stories over beers. It was such a fun, relaxing night, which was just what we needed as the trip was drawing to a close. Thanks again, Leo (and Lynne)!

I took a ton of photos in Halifax, so if you’re not following my trip’s Facebook page, be sure to check out the Nova Scotia album. If those links don’t work for you, just search for “Mel’s Cross-Canadian Road Trip” on Facebook.

I know I’m almost a year late with this blog, but I’m determined to finish it this month. Just a couple of posts left!


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