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Photo Post: Parry Sound

On the way to Parry Sound, we stopped at Manitoulin Island. It was raining, but I wanted proof that I went. Here’s proof.

The pride of Parry Sound is Bobby Orr #4. Here’s his Hall of Fame.

Georgian Bay at Parry Sound

Georgian bay at Parry Sound, panoramic-style.

Parry Sound


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The Carson House

I’d heard before that the drive around Georgian Bay was gorgeous, but it ended up being a bit disappointing for two reasons: 1) rain and 2) we didn’t actually see the bay while we were driving. It wasn’t like the spectacular drive through Lake Superior Provincial Park. Bummer.

But despite the weather, Chele and I decided to continue with our plans for a side trip to Manitoulin Island. We didn’t take much time there, but I really wanted to say that I’d been to the largest island in a freshwater lake in the world. It’s all about the superlatives.

I can imagine how beautiful the island must be on a nice day, but with the crummy weather, we decided not to spend the afternoon driving around it. We just crossed over into Little Current, the first town on the island over a really terrifying and ancient swing bridge (on which they were doing construction), had some ice cream at Farquhar’s, known as the best ice cream on the island, and then headed back to the drive.

Since I’m a great planner, we rolled into Parry Sound without the address of the B&B where we were staying, and it took a good 20 minutes before we found somewhere with free wi-fi. I had to register at the Parry Sound Public Library for the internet password (which was printed on a clearly visible card at the counter), and the librarian wasn’t sure that I was over 18 and could register without parent permission, so she had to ask. Just when I thought I finally looked at least 21…

The good news was that once we finally arrived at The Carson House, we were greeted by its pleasant owners, the Maddefords, who set us up in a charming room on the second floor, where I promptly passed out for a power nap. After a nap, I was ready to hit the stores for essentials—Starbucks for coffee, Sobey’s for snacks—before we turned in for an early night, hoping that the weather would clear up in the morning.

With a great sleep and breakfast and a fairly nice morning, Chele and I headed to the waterfront for scenic photography at a pilgrimage to the Bobby Orr Hall of Fame. Chele, a native Bostonian, knew she couldn’t come home without at least entering the hometown shrine of Bobby Orr #4. I admit, I was mostly in it for the photography, but it looked like a nice tribute to a legendary hockey hero.

Speaking of legendary hockey heroes, the Carson House B&B is the former home of the Carson family, which included three NHL players in the 1920’s and 30’s. All three boys that played in the NHL were Stanley Cup winners. Frank Carson, the middle brother of the three, scored the first goal ever for the Detroit Red Wings in 1932, and the Red Wings happen to be my favourite hockey team. Not a bad hockey history for a town like Parry Sound!

Though we didn’t have enough time this trip, I’d love to go back sometime and take the 30,000 Islands cruise that weaves around the islands in Georgian Bay. It sounds lovely and on a summer day with blue skies, I can only imagine how beautiful it must be. I bet it’s pretty in the fall, too. Anyone want to send me on a research trip to find out?

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