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Photo Post: A Superior Shore

When Chele and I left Thunder Bay, I knew the drive around Lake Superior to Sault Ste. Marie would be gorgeous. The first thing that I wanted to see, though, was the Terry Fox Memorial & Lookout. For those reading who might not be familiar with him: Terry Fox had one of his legs amputated due to cancer and 3 years later, he began a journey across Canada—the Marathon of Hope—to raise awareness and money for cancer research. Starting at Cape Spear in Newfoundland (Canada’s easternmost point), he ran for 143 days until the cancer spread and he had to give up his quest east of Thunder Bay. He died the following year, and is remembered across Canada as one of its most inspirational heroes. The Memorial near Thunder Bay stands close to the spot where he ended his journey.

View of The Sleeping Giant from the Terry Fox Memorial & Lookout

Another waterfall fail: our view of Aguasabon Falls from the “lookout.”

Lake Superior at Old Woman Bay in Lake Superior Provincial Park: gorgeous view!

Me at Old Woman Bay

Munuscong Lake, behind the B&B where we stayed on St. Joseph Island (east of Sault Ste. Marie)

The beginning stages of sunset at the Sunset Bay B&B

One more view of Munuscong Lake at twilight


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Photo Post: Thunder Bay

Chele and I didn’t spend too much time in Thunder Bay, but we were treated to lovely weather and the best Finnish pancakes I’ve ever had.

Arrival in Thunder Bay: take scenic photos of Lake Superior

Thunder Bay’s very own Sleeping Giant looms over the city

The Finlandia Club, where we had the best Finnish pancake breakfast ever in the restaurant in the basement, The Hoito.

Part of the Finnish neighbourhood in Thunder Bay

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Bay of Thunder

This past Sunday was a lot of driving. We crossed back into familiar territory, and the green roof at the Ontario tourist information center welcomed us warmly (as did the employees there) when we left Manitoba and entered province #5.

Our first stop was Kenora, hometown of our dear friend Erin (my host in Calgary). She’s always spoken highly of her town, and both Chele and I found it to be quite a charming place! We loved the pierogies at lunch and the walk through downtown and along the waterfront. I was dorkily excited to see Lake of the Woods, where the United States’ northernmost point in the Lower 48 is located. We didn’t actually see that point, of course, but Lake of the Woods was a lovely view.

The drive along Highway 17 (part of the Trans-Canada Highway system) was so pleasant and the weather was good, too. We saw more lakes than I could count and I had to resist the urge to pull over and photograph every one. We never would have made it to Thunder Bay if I’d done that.

Of course, in Thunder Bay, we saw the best lake of all: Superior. It really does live up to the name. It had been two years since I’d seen it last and it was just as incredible as I remembered it. Its vastness makes you think you’re looking out at the ocean, but it’s so much more vivid of a blue than the ocean. Our drive to the hostel in Thunder Bay took us past a hilltop park, so we spent a few minutes there, taking photos of the lake and we also saw the Sleeping Giant, Thunder Bay’s famous rock formation just outside of town. I still don’t think it looks much like a giant, sleeping or otherwise, but it’s part of the folklore.

We didn’t see much of Thunder Bay that night, since we took more than 10 hours to get to there with all of our (mostly my) stops, However, we did take time to explore the area around Bay & Algoma the next morning. And by “explore,” I mostly mean that we feasted on fabulous Finnish-style pancakes at the Hoito, the restaurant located underneath the Finlandia Club. The Hoito has been in business since 1918, when it began providing affordable meals for Finnish labourers in the city. It’s still a bargain—three pancakes, two eggs, and a coffee cost me less than $7. I’ll take one of those in every city on my trip, please.

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