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To the Moon and Back


This, folks, is why you need to go to Prince Edward Island. This is why everyone must go to Prince Edward Island. But really, don’t everyone go at once, because I loved that Christina, Jules, and I were the only people at this beach on the world’s most beautiful day.


I did so much research for this trip. Jules I planned the route for years. I combed guidebooks, search tourism websites, spent hours tweaking the itinerary. Yet in all my planning, I managed to miss photos of this amazing spot. Yes, I knew PEI had gorgeous red sand beaches. But this was beyond anything I could have imagined.


We ended up here by mistake. After our trip to Green Gables, the second stop on our agenda was the Cavendish Boardwalk, in search of Beaver Tails. If you have a keen memory, you might remember that just a few days earlier, Jules and I had been on a disappointing quest for Beaver Tails in Québec City that ended in a monsoon. So when we saw the ad for Beaver Tails in the PEI guidebook, we knew we had to track them down.

Lee (my GPS) didn’t know where the Cavendish Boardwalk was, though, and we couldn’t find an address, so we followed signs to the Cavendish beaches. In our mind, the boardwalk should have been on the waterfront. We ended up at a ticketing booth at the entrance to PEI National Park, and we asked the person inside if we were on the right path. We weren’t. She told us which way to go, and we drove into the park to turn around. But the road was narrow and curvy, and we didn’t want to try a U-ey, so we drove until we found a small turnaround area. But when we turned into the cleared area atop one of the beachfront cliffs and we saw this, Beaver Tails were forgotten and we leapt out of the car, cameras in hand, and raced down to the beach.


It was unbelievable. The red sand had been baked into all kinds of terraces and cliff formations. Waves crashed against the rocks and the water was crystal clear at our feet, and blue, blue, blue all the way to the horizon. We dubbed it “The Moon Beach,” joked about driving all the way to the moon, grinned until our cheeks hurt.

My Feet

We wandered around for quite a while, flip-flops kicked off and forgotten, toes in the water. All three of us enjoy photography, so we were all happy to spend time trying to get the best shots. We took photos together, photos of each other. And while we spent less than an hour here, this may have been my favourite experience of the whole trip.

The Girls

I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect hour. Especially since we eventually made it to Beaver Tails.

Beaver Tail


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