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Farewell, Pretty Island

All good things must come to an end, and on June 2, Christina, Jules, and I had to get up early to check out of our hotel and drive to Wood Island, PEI, to catch the ferry to Nova Scotia. One of the ferries that travels the route between Wood Island and Caribou has Cow’s Ice Cream on board, but unfortunately, we caught a boat sans Cow’s. So instead, we kept busy taking photos. I sat inside for a while and wrote, but it was a short trip on a nice morning, so I didn’t want to completely waste it away.

PEI Lighthouse
When we left PEI, some nasty clouds were still hovering over the island, but it was blue skies ahead, across the Northumberland Strait.

Really, the clouds ended so abruptly! It was strange.

Clouds over PEI
Behind us, I think the clouds over PEI was just PEI’s way of trying to convey its sadness that we were leaving. Don’t worry, PEI. We were sad to go, too.

NS flag
But we had a new province to see! Nova Scotia, straight ahead.

Nova Scotia
And Nova Scotia greeted us with a cheery blue sky, which was quite agreeable, especially since we had a full day of driving and scenic sightseeing planned. The B&B owner in Parry Sound, ON, had told me an awful story about driving the Cabot Trail on Cape Breton in a storm, which was terrifying as well as kind of a waste, since they couldn’t properly see one of Canada’s most beautiful landscapes. So I’d been praying for sunny weather and a lovely day, and it looked like we were going to get it. Good times!

Welcome to Nova Scotia
But first, an essential stop at the Nova Scotia Welcome Centre, which was crowded with other tourists who’d just driven off the ferry. But after a bit of a wait, a friendly tourism guru gave me a giant guidebook (Nova Scotia prints one of the best ones in Canada) and a map, where she marked our course toward the Cabot Trail and confirmed the good weather forecast. Another great day was in store as we got back in the car and headed for the Canso Causeway.


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