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Photo Post: Regina

A few photos from a nice little city:

A monument downtown that commemorates the settlement of Regina

St. Paul’s Cathedral (Anglican), downtown Regina

Cute! I wish Chicago had a giant “I ❤ Chicago" sign downtown that I could photo with.

Green space in Downtown Regina

Beginning my great tour of Canadian war memorials: first up, Regina’s.


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Tick Magnet

So I am still behind, but I have big plans to make some progress on getting caught up while in Ottawa over the next couple of days. Of course, these plans, like most of the ones I make, will likely blow up in my face, but it’s nice to dream.

After Edmonton, I pressed onward into my third province: Saskatchewan! Close readers of my blog might recall that I was having trouble finding anything to look forward to in the great Saskatchewanian prairie. So because I wasn’t expecting anything but farmland, I was pleasantly surprised by the drive from Edmonton to Regina!

North of Saskatoon, I made my first scenic stop, near the North Saskatchewan River, an important avenue in exploration and trade routes of western Canada. The lush green hills rolled right into the river valley, and just as I walked down a gravel road toward the river, a freight train sounded its horn. I was more concerned with getting some shots of the train against the valley than with crossing the tracks, so I ended up having to wait for the train to pass before I could continue. The stop was a bit longer than I’d originally planned, but it was nice timing, so I thought it was worth it.

I also stopped just northwest of Moose Jaw, in the Qu’Appelle Valley. As I drove down the hill into the valley, I couldn’t believe how lovely it was. Clearly all of the people that complained about how boring Saskatchewan was had missed this spot! I waded through some tall grass by a lake to get shots of the lake and blue sky against the bright green hills and hide a nice breather before I continued into Moose Jaw.

In Moose Jaw, I had planned to stop, explore the historic downtown area, and maybe even take the tour of the rum-runner tunnels that were allegedly used by Al Capone and his gang during the Prohibition era. A nice Chicago connection, right? Unfortunately, Moose Jaw was having some sort of Friday night block party downtown. Local girls in plaid shirts and shorts were singing karaoke in the middle of the main street, which was blocked off, and I couldn’t find a parking spot anywhere close. My window was down and as the karaoke grew unbearably out of tune, I rolled up the window and rolled out of town. Moose Jaw looked nice, but I couldn’t have gotten close enough to the historic buildings to get photos that didn’t have cotton candy stands in the foreground, so my visit will have to wait for another time.

I checked into the Dragon’s Nest Bed & Breakfast in Regina, a feng shui haven, and waited for news about Chele’s delayed connection out of Chicago. My hometown was experiencing some particularly nasty weather on Friday night, so she ended up being delayed by almost 6 hours, touching down in Regina just after midnight. This ended up being a good thing, because remember those tall grasses by the lake that I waded through in Qu’Appelle Valley? I am blaming them for the acquisition of three ticks, which I pulled off my back and out of my clothes in the washroom at the B&B. These ticks outnumber the ticks I found on me in eight years of summer camps in northern Wisconsin and Minnesota, so I am fairly impressed by the prairie. What can I say? I guess I am just a tick magnet.

Chele and I were exhausted when we got back to the Wealth Room, but had enough time for some photos of us throwing cash around, since the Wealth Room, of course, made us feel pretty wealthy. I also made her check my hair for ticks. Fortunately, no more ticks.

So it wasn’t until the next morning that we got to see some of downtown Regina. It was busy, for a Saturday morning, due to a market in one of the plazas just a few blocks from our B&B. We walked for a few blocks, took some photos, and decided that Regina and Saskatchewan really don’t deserve the bad rep that they get. Memo to Skate Canada: I know I skipped Saskatoon nationals in 2009, but I would definitely go to a Canadians in Regina, especially since I now know that there are direct flights from Chicago.

In conclusion: Thanks, Saskatchewan! Ticks aside, you were a lovely surprise.

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